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Customer Application

DISH has nearly 5,000 agents that take phone calls and assist with chats to service customer needs. Until five years ago, these agents all used the same hard client tool that was created in the late 90s. 


While the tool did its job for decades, it lacked web standards for familiar yet engaging design patterns, it was built using gut feelings rather than research, it was linear in a world that needed to be modular, it lacked intuitiveness, and it was not accessible for everyone using it. 

Business Goal

Implement a user-centric process that ingrained research into the development cycle and create an informed yet familiar system of patterns that can be used by anybody. 

My Role

Lead researcher

Lead designer

The Process

Using feedback from stakeholders, project managers, and design managers, I helped create a process that allowed for research to inform design decisions, while allowing iteration ahead of the development cycle. 

This process provided feedback directly into the development cycle, which gave agents a feeling of inclusivity while saving the company a significant amount of time and money in development resources. 

The Design System

To capture agent attention while improving workflows, understanding, and improving overall productivity, I was the lead designer for formulating a set of components that met the following principles.

Familiar & Engaging

Successful web experiences create a feeling that a person understands what they are there to do, and can accomplish those tasks with little to no help. 


Exposing people to patterns and interactions that are familiar yet engaging will create a natural feeling of understanding. 


As an expert of internet patterns and interactions, I bring guidance from high-level guidance to the minutiae for any project. 


A great website is not built alone; it requires collaboration between the creator, stakeholders, and the people using the site. 


Constant and regular feedback gives a point of view only attained when that methodology is truly used in every step of the process. This means working with every level of an organization. 

As an empathetic researcher, I am capable of understanding and extracting unbias detail from any viewpoint. 

Flexible & Scalable

From a linear e-commerce site to a large modular internal agent tool, each client’s needs are defined differently. 


Identifying client needs and working those expectations into the big picture is a skill that takes years of experience to acquire. 


With 20+ years of business experience, and nearly 10-years of research and design knowledge I have the skillset that brings flexibility and scalability to any project size, budget, or speed-to-market. 

In terms of a design system, those principles create a foundation for any website, and in this particular project, it became a living, breathing document. Select below to learn more about the partnership I helped lead at DISH.




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