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Bundle Calculator

With nearly 25,000 programming related calls per day, DISH agents were left to do comparisons between large packages for customers based on the customer’s budget, and their shows/channel preferences. 


This caused opportunities in getting the customer what they wanted to watch and keeping the customer in the highest potential package for the company’s benefit. 

Business Goal

Create a tool that required little to no training, utilized a customer’s viewer measurement data and allowed for manual entry of channel or shows, and  provided multiple top tier package solutions. 

My Role

Lead researcher


Initial Research

Using customer, agent, and stakeholder feedback we created an affinity diagram to determine the what opportunities should be addressed with this project.

Customer Needs

Provide an easy way to search the customer’s favorite shows and channels. 

Agent Needs

Provide a list of commonly watched channels the customer watches. 

Stakeholder Needs

Provide the highest possible package that still gives the customer their favorites. 

Provide multiple package options that vary in channel count and cost. 

Provide a comparison for channels & pricing for chosen packages. 

Create a tool that requires little to no training. 

Initial Designs

Over the course of a single day, another designer and I created our initial designs separately. On day two, we came together and took the best parts of our designs and merged them together. Here is what we came up with. 

Landing Page

Comparison Page

Comprehension Testing

Without live data results returned for search entries, nor the ability to return viewer measurement data, we decided the best way to get agent feedback was to do a comprehension test. Here are some of the goals for the comprehension tests. 


1 The overall flow (Search -> What They Like -> Channels -> Price Breakdown) is intuitive and clear.

2 Individual sections within each page are intuitive and clear.

3 Differentiation between Current TV and the three package options is clear.

4 ‘XXX% Match’ is clear.

5 Package, pricing, and channel count are clear.

6 Favorited channels that are excluded from a package option is clear.

7 The return from Channels to Search is clear. 

Search Page

8 Viewer measurement on page load is clear.

9 The ‘What They Like’ shoe is clear.

10 Grid vs list view is clear.

11 Filter icon is clear.

12 Search and filter categorization in page is clear.

Channels Page

13 Channel compare list, for each package, is clear.

14 The channels in the 'not in a package' (blank) are clear.

15 Search categorization is clear.

16 Sport, movies, and tv show categorization is clear.

17 Add-on Package ‘Shoe’ is clear.

18 Toggle between Channels and Price Breakdown is clear.

Test Results


of participants preferred the updated Bundle Calculator design.


of the test goals aligned with participant feedback and results. 


of participants requested a separate breakdown page for price comparisons.


“I’m very impressed with this. It’s leaps and bounds above the current Bundle Calculator.”

“I’m not quite sure how to get back to the first page.” -on the Channels page

“I’d like to see the options at the top of the page so that we can see them all the time.”

“I really like the way it looks. Agents will be able to adapt to it easily.”


Ease-of-use and clear understanding of General flow (Search -> What They Like -> Channels -> Price Breakdown). 


Iconography, imagery, and viewer measurement / match % indicators are clear. 

More package options is conducive to meeting customer and business needs. 


Navigation should be more visible on the Channels page to improve agent usability. 


Package options should be displayed at all times so agents can easily quote or make decisions. 


A separate breakdown page for price comparisons should be created. 


Customer offers and taxes should be included in the new price comparison page to improve accuracy and reduce customer callbacks. 


'Shoes' used in the What They Like section of the Search page and the Channels page should be clearly defined to reduce cognitive load. 


Design changes


Provide a Price Comparison page that can be toggled to from the Package Comparison page. 


Created Price Comparison page and provided a toggle from the Package Comparison page.  



The close / back button, shown as an ‘X’ in the top-right of the Channels and the Price Breakdown page, is unclear that it returns you to the Search page. 


Update the close / back button, shown as an ‘X’ in the top-right of the Channels and the Price Breakdown page, to a link with specific text verbiage. 

Additional changes


Package options should be visible at all times. 


Lock the package option panel to the top of the Search page, and the top of the Channels pages. 



Price Breakdown should include taxes and offers. 


Include taxes and offers in the Price Breakdown page. 



The channel ‘shoe’ on the What They Like section of the Search page should be clearly defined to prevent cognitive load. 


Show the category name (shown after searching) on the channel card, within the What They Like section on the Search page, when the heart icon is selected for a channel. 



The channel ‘shoe’ on the Channels page should be clearly defined to prevent cognitive load. 


Show the Add-on package name on the channel card, within the comparison section, when the channel is within the Add-on package. 

Final Design

Under a tight timeline, as training was needed several weeks ahead of development completion, my counterpart and I were able to deliver a final design that met the business goals of little to no training, provided a means of using viewer measurement data, and allowed for manual entry of channel or shows, and provided multiple top tier package solutions. While this project just launched in February 2021, the data analytics team has stated that agent handle time regarding programming calls has reduced by 15-20 seconds, and just as important, we have received a steady stream of feedback from agents that are blown away by the usability of this new tool. 

Landing Page

Package Comparison Page

Price Comparison Page  |

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